Saturday, April 26, 2014

My DIY Little Chicken Run

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We really don't like locking up our chickens. I like my girls happy and free range 
to the whole yard. Unfortunately, my little silkies are just too small to 
roam freely about the yard. They have been living in my enclosed garden while
 I have been patiently waiting for them to grow but I am running out of time and patience. 
I am months behind on planting my garden and need to get that rolling, like as in right now. 

I decided that it would be best to just build a temporary chicken run for them.
I used 2"by2"s and chicken wire for this project that I already had, 
so the grand total of this project is $0.

I made this coop almost the same way as I did my garden. I made: 
3 wall panels
1 wall panel with a door
1 flat roof panel.
I simply framed out each pane/wall painted and then pre-chicken wired each panel separately.

And then it just took a few minutes to screw each panel together.
This run is 8' by 4' and is light enough for me to move to around the yard by my self.

Hopefully, they will grow fast so I can let them out with the other girls. 
This was fast and very easy to build, it was all done in one day.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

DIY Garden Window

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There are some pretty amazing and super cute ways to reuse an old wooden window
but this is by far my favorite.

This so easy and fast to do.
I used two windows for this little project.

First I removed all the glass. I just used a hammer and busted then out over a box. 
Most of the glass was already missing to begin with.

I held up one of the windows to the fence to mark my cutting lines. 
Do not trace the outside of the window. You want to trace out the inner part of the window.

Cut along your marked lines.

Pre-drill where you will be placing your screws on both windows and 
screw the screws in just enough where they won't fall out.
Simply just place the window up the fence and finish screwing in all the screws. 
You will do this to both sides of the fence.

Savvy Southern Style

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Few Changes

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Check it out! Some things have changed in our living space this week. 

First of all.....I built a new farm table. I kept my old one but made a few changes to it. 
I removed two legs and two top boards and anchored it to the wall to make a computer desk. Instead of using one of the benches I wanted to add a little more color to the room with some iron chairs that I painted Yellow. Who knew that I liked yellow so much? I sure didn't.  I was never a big fan on the whole Chevron print either but I decided on a blue and cream chevron print fabric to upholster the iron chairs with. I'm surprising myself with my choices and glad that I'm stepping out of my comfort zone. 

I built another 8' farm table. It cost $120 and about 1 hour to build..not including the staining and painting.
I used stair balusters that I cut down a tad for the legs. I like chunky legs:) On my table that is.

I love chandeliers but we have to have ceiling fans in every room here in Houston. I had about a hundred dollars left in my table budget to play with. So instead of making two new benches that match my new table I decide to DIY a chandelier.  I had made up my mind on making a beaded chandelier out of strands of beads and an embroidery hoop. While I was Hobby Lobby  I came across some glass Christmas ornaments that were 50% off. Suddenly I remember pinning a really cool bubble light fixture on pinterest a while back.
I was at Hobby Lobby at the time and couldn't quite remember exactly what it looked like at that moment but it was all I needed for my insparation. I filled two carts up with glass ornaments and figured that a wire floral wreath frame thingy-ma-jig would work better than an embroidery hoop.

This project took quite a while to do and was a little dangerous. I dropped a few and busted one ornament in my hand while trying to remove it from it's package. Nothing like having a paper thin 1/2" glass splinter in the palm of your hand to brighten up your day. I used about 160 ornaments is various sizes and hung them with fishing line. I'm not totally 100% in love with it yet but I am going to give it a week before I decide if I am going to keep oi or not.

I have a few homeschool group meeting at my house this coming up week and will see what the reactions are towards it.